Financial Planning

Christopher Lee Heerdegen, CFBS
BA, University of Toledo (1991)

Chris-Heerdegen-photo-662x1024_whiteFor the past 22 years I’ve been helping small business owners and everyday hardworking people plan for the retirement lifestyles they desire. I can help you plan for your greatest dreams, and make recommendations to help protect your hard-earned retirement savings.

Personal Attention, Customized Planning

When I first meet clients, I listen more than I talk. It helps me do my job better. I’m truly interested in finding out about you. You can talk to me about anything, and I’ll pay attention to what you have to say.

As your financial advisor, I’ll ask you questions about your financial goals, hobbies, travel plans, or any other quality of life issue that may affect your future. This knowledge helps me create a comprehensive plan that takes every aspect of your life into consideration.

A Talent for Communicating

The investment process can be difficult to grasp. I make it easy. How? I throw out the technical jargon and talk in everyday English that makes sense.

As a part-time college instructor teaching courses on retirement planning, I’ve learned how to break down financial concepts into clear and simple terms.

When you work with me, you’ll always know where your money is being invested, and how it is working to help reach your financial goals for you and your family. In fact, I encourage the active participation of your children or heirs, and consider that input an important part of the process.

Putting Family First

As a husband and parent of a college student, I understand the importance of helping you protect your family’s financial security. My number one goal is to help protect what you have, while offering opportunities to increase your net worth.

I’ll work with you to create a retirement plan that reflects the family-centered lifestyle you value. My diversified approach to financial planning balances your desire to grow income with your wish to stay within your risk tolerance.

With more than 22 years or retirement and financial planning knowledge, I’m an experienced guide you can count on to help plan for the retirement of your dreams.