Habitational Insurance

Hispanic family outside home for rent

If you rent property for others to live in, you need Habitational Insurance. This applies to hotels, boarding houses, condominium managers and even landlords renting out their private property!

Our agency offers a wide range of coverages for your habitational needs, from homeowners to condominium associations and more. Some of the product features available are:

  • Risks with multiple locations
  • Includes additional exposures such as pools, clubhouses, lakes and ponds
  • New purchases
  • Liability limits up to $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Special Causes of Loss and Replacement Cost are available

What Types of Risks Will Habitational Insurance Cover?

The coverage you have depends on the policy you choose. However, habitational insurance coverage is often used to mitigate expenses associated with:

Professional Liability – You may be responsible for injuries or legal issues that occur involving your property. Liability insurance as part of a habitational insurance policy can prevent you from bearing the full weight of these costs.

Weather & Disaster Damage – High winds, fires or aggressive storms can cause serious damage to your commercial property. Habitation insurance often makes it easier to afford repairs to get your property back in order!

Vandalism – Vandalism is an unfortunate reality that any rental property may experience. The right insurance protects you from many of the costs associated with repairs or restoration following vandalism or theft on your property.

Appliance & Equipment Failure – Rental properties are often full of critical appliances like heating and cooling that are necessary for customer comfort. When these fail due to issues outside your control, it’s good to know your insurance can help you get them fixed quickly!